Tommy Arrives at Isabella SS in Cairns.

Hi Everyone I arrived safe and sound at Isabella, its been a busy few weeks.

Today I relaxed by sitting with lots of the children in 2C and helping them with their learning.

This afternoon Miss Louise showed the children the blog, they hadn’t seen my travels, she was a little worried that I may not make it here and didn’t want to disappoint her class. But all turned out well. They loved catching up on my journey and Miss Louise and Miss Gale put stickers on a map to show where I have been (except Bamaga because the map didnt get there! Miss Louise was quite cranky at the petrol station this morning!) It was nice to remember the friends I have made along the way too.

The children worked in pairs to come up with a list of places to take me tomorrow with the camera. It looks a great list, I am sure that Miss Louise will put those pictures up tomorrow.

I hope that my special friends at Kedron are enjoying my journey, what an adventure I am on.

Until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Tommy Arrives at Isabella SS in Cairns.

  1. Hello Tommy and Isabella State School! We are enjoying following your journey, Tommy.

    We were excited to read your post because we have two girls called Isabella in our class! Do you know why your school is called Isabella? We also have a class called 2C.

    Why was the teacher angry at the petrol station this morning? Is your school big?

    We hope to hear from your soon.

  2. Hi Tommy,
    We’re so relieved and excited that you made it to Isabella. We really hope you make it to all the schools on your list this term, and we’re looking forward to seeing you back at Kedron at the end of your trip.
    We thought it was really funny that you are visiting 2C in Cairns, since you come from 2C in Brisbane!
    We hope you have lots of fun there.
    From 2C, Kedron SS
    PS. Why was Miss Louise cranky at the petrol station?

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